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NEASC is over at Nashoba

Elizabeth Hagopian, Correspondent

March 17

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Everyone here at Nashoba Regional High School can finally breathe a big sigh of relief; the NEASC evaluation of the school is finally over. But some of students may be wondering why we even had to go through this who...

Mr. Mason: The Past of the Most Beloved Substitute

Casey Hallberg, Contributor

March 13

Filed under Campus, Local

There isn't a student at Nashoba who doesn’t know the best substitute teacher on Earth, Mr. Mason, a unrivaled man who respects students and sets a tone within a classroom that other substitutes just cannot. A typical substitute...

The “Zen” ASC

Lish Ventura, Correspondent

February 5

Filed under Campus, Local

The ASC stands for the Academic Support Center. But what does that phrase mean? And who is in charge of this place at Nashoba? If a student at Nashoba has ever needed to make up a test, they were probably told to head right ...

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