The Russian 2018 Election


Photo courtesy of Newsweek

Izzy McKinney, Editor

Current Russian President, Vladimir Putin, announced his bid to run in the 2018 Russian Presidential election. This announcement has assured his victory, but this will be his last time running for President, due to the Russian Constitution, which prevents him from running for a third consecutive term. However, this election will be important, not just for the Russian people, but for the whole world. Who will succeed Putin, and what does his last term mean for Russia?

With Putin’s last term on the horizon, the balance of power has been called into question. Without a doubt, the  current Russia is a product of Putin, and many are wondering what will happen to Russia when Putin steps down.

According to The New York Times, many analysts expect Putin to still hold a position of power, as many cannot see him abdicating all power and influence. However, many are sure he will not seek to hold the office as President for longer than this next term, especially with the recent Zimbabwean revolt against their president who had been in power for 37 years. He has seen leaders deposed and hated, and wants to be remembered in a positive light.

The New York Times reported, “While no one can be certain what Mr. Putin, 65, will do when his next term ends, those in his inner circle are already preparing for the day he leaves the presidency, eager to preserve their power and to avoid any fallout that could follow a change in leadership. With an expiration date on the horizon, his court is beginning to focus more on self-preservation than on serving Mr. Putin”. Many will be grasping for whatever power they can, which is not good news for Russia.

The question many find themselves asking now is ‘who will succeed Putin?’. According to The New York Times, “For those angling to succeed the president, it is a high-wire act. Candidates need to be careful not to be seen as an immediate threat to the president, notoriously protective of his position. Push too hard, too fast, and a person could be purged”.

In the mean time, all that the rest of the world can do is wait and watch the Russian election to see what will happen for the future of Russia.