Comeketo: Remodelled Restaurant Returns

Comeketo: Remodelled Restaurant Returns

Betame Douglas Maticha DeBono, Contributor

Comeketo Brazilian restaurant is back and it’s  better than ever. The once classic American restaurant with a Brazilian twist has gone back to its roots with an entire menu of traditional Brazilian cuisine. After months of being closed for renovations, lines are stretched outside their doors to try  the first Brazilian steakhouse in central Massachusetts.

The owner, an immigrant from Brazil named Rodrigo Souza, opened his first business with a partner, and after eight years opened at his new location in Leominster. Recently, he decided to pursue his dream and open a more authentic Brazilian steakhouse of his own. He now is nominated for the Immigrant Entrepreneurial Award which honors successful immigrants who have changed their community with their businesses.

The now Brazilian steakhouse is being raved online having 4.4 stars on Google Reviews and 4.6 stars on Facebook. Some Facebook reviews have commented that they were “very impressed” and thought that it was “ so nice to have a different option when dining out.” They were not only impressed with the food but also the service, and believed it to be.”

I had the opportunity to revisit the owner and the restaurant after their grand opening and I can agree with all the comments. The new all-you-can-eat menu is fantastic as is the service which is speedy and very polite. My go-to meat cut at the restaurant is their end-tip sirloin which was juicy, and tender: perfectly salted and charred. Rodrigo is also very warm and  loves to sit and talk with you and tell you more about your meal. Overall, I highly recommend the restaurant and hope that everyone gets a chance to visit!