Hands-Only CPR Challenge


Christina Hernon

Year 1 EMTs demonstrating CPR

Joe Marino, Contributor

Ever since the Super Bowl at Gillette, the Hands-Only CPR Challenge has been in full effect. Nashoba nurses, EMTs, and other members of the community have been volunteering at numerous events to teach people of all ages how to save a life.

From plays to school lunches, volunteers have helped to teach hands only CPR by demonstrating and assessing chest compressions on dummies. So far, this group has trained more than 900 people in saving lives.

EMTs have volunteered at a wide array of events that take place in the community, from basketball games to children’s fairs. This life-saving group has even sacrificed their late starts to teach younger students at the middle school, because anyone and everyone can do CPR.

One of the most notable events that the Hands-Only CPR Challenge has reached is a Substance Abuse with Teens discussion by Dr. Ruth Potee. Outside of the auditorium where Dr. Potee was speaking, the group taught Hands-Only CPR to those attending the forum. Nurse Sarah DelConte Cosentino has been hard at work organizing these CPR opportunities, and without her this accomplishment could never have happened.

For the EMT’s dedication to this community-wide challenge, they received the 2019 Special Service Award from the Central Massachusetts EMS. This award is well deserved, and the EMTs will be sure to continue teaching how to save a life.