Hole in the Wall: Roots Natural Foods + Market

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Hole in the Wall: Roots Natural Foods + Market

Grace Fiori, Chief Editor

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Roots Natural Foods Market in Leominster, tucked away in a row of unassuming commercial buildings, is an unexpected delight every time you cross the threshold, always offering the possibility to discover something new. The front area is filled with housewares and goods from local and environmentally conscious brands. To your right the busy kitchen and juice bar opens up, with a stream of people ordering a cup of coffee, catching up over an acai bowl in the comfortable seating area, and working productively with a vegan pastry beside them.  

Straight back from the entrance, a huge market opens up like a secret garden. Roots specializes in featuring brands and products that accommodate a variety of allergies, sensitivities, and meal plans, but offers such a wide range of options that the market is suitable for anyone looking for local, organic produce or snacks made out of wholesome ingredients. 

Roots keeps stocked in a range of produce, health products, staple items, and food selections that are organic, local, sustainably sourced, and made from whole ingredients. They offer a variety of spices and staple ingredients, even bath salts, that you can buy in bulk, helping to reduce cost and unnecessary packaging. Three different flavors of kombucha are offered on tap, and refillable glass bottles entice you to come back and try them all. 

Roots is a place to go all year round, not just in the first ten days of wellness-obsessed January. Whether picking up basic staple ingredients, or searching for a certain kind of fruit, the market offers a variety of whole foods. In the kitchen, grab a cup of soup and a turmeric chai latte in the middle of a cold winter day. Order a refreshing juice full of nourishing and sustaining veggies and fruits, as well as the option to throw in fun add-ins like bee pollen (because, why not?). Their juice and smoothie options are creative and always delicious. Greens are paired with citrus and sweet pineapple. Peanut butter and coconut milk makes for a creamy protein packed drink. Lavender and apple are partnered for a subtle but delicious end product. 

If you are looking for a sweet treat, or simply need to grab some milk and a loaf of bread, or are ordering Friday night takeout, Roots offers it all, always with wholesome ingredients that deliver flavor without compromising nutrition. 

Might we recommend

The vegan kale Caesar salad with tempeh bacon? Or a vegan, gluten-free blueberry scone with maple drizzle? Or just a well brewed cup of coffee?

Just the facts

Monday- Saturday 10 – 6

Thursdays and Fridays 10 – 7 

Closed on Sundays 

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