New Business Class Gives Back


Hannah Feakes and Lish Ventura

Nashoba has added a new business course to the Program of Studies called Marketing and Community Partnerships. This course curriculum is “structured on Marketing and Entrepreneurship principles while emphasizing techniques and principles of human relations, leadership, public relations and business communication. Students will work independently and in teams to meet with outside groups and other groups within Nashoba Regional High School to engage in business ventures, community service, group discussions, individual or group projects and presentations to reinforce business concepts. Student will integrate the use of technology in the form of presentation, social media and communications advertisement. Students will be encouraged to exhibit their understanding of the curriculum at the District 5 DECA Competition and Massachusetts DECA competition,” according to the 2014-2105 course program.

This new business course is a variation of a project based class with hands on learning. The students have just completed their most recent group project, The MCP Prize Giveaway, more commonly known as #swaginthebag. This project was a simple way to get involved with the community while simultaneously benefiting the school. The whole class set up a raffle and used their marketing skills to bring awareness to both the raffle and the organization they were sponging. Students went out to the community and local businesses asking for donations and prizes. Companies that donated prizes include Honeypot, Emma’s Cafe, Michael’s Bridge Diner, and Kimballs.

The class advertised for about two weeks prior to the raffle through social media, flyers, and word of mouth. “Students were practicing their marketing skills while connecting with the community and that is what this class is really all about,” says Mrs. Foley. “The Giveaway was held during all four lunches for one week and students bought raffle tickets to try their chances at winning a prize.”

“We were selling two tickets for one dollar and fourteen tickets for five dollars,” clarifies Foley. Senior Magen Cook sheds light on how the Endowment Fund was picked to receive the money made by the raffle. “Our class picked the Endowment Fund because people know what it is and the money goes back into the school. The project was to incorporate the community so we donated prizes for the raffle.” The Marketing and Community Partnerships Class made over two hundred dollars to donate to The Endowment Fund.

The Endowment Fund at Nashoba is a committee that supports teacher-run events, funds needed for materials, and supports the curriculum for all departments at the high school. Faculty and staff may apply for a grant in order to receive money for materials they need. The Endowment Fund can be very beneficial and helpful when supplied with enough money to in fact benefit teachers and materials. The Marketing and Community Partnerships raffle was designed to raise money for and bring awareness to the Endowment Fund and connect the community with the school.

Members of the class and students of Nashoba alike had positive reactions to the MCP Giveaway. Lyndsey Hawkes was one of the winners of the raffle, and donated five dollars. She says, “I didn’t know where the money was going towards, but I knew it was for a good cause”.  Cook reflects as well, “I found going around the school and explaining our project to the teachers enjoyable and I realized that I was really passionate about the giveaway and explaining something I helped create was pretty cool.” The MCP Giveaway was a major success, and the class is not stopping there. Small groups and individual projects are on the horizon for the class with new marketing techniques and project based ideas. Foley reveals, “Connecting with the surrounding towns while marketing with a community aspect is the goal, and so far, we are on the right track.”