An Olympic Bid for Boston

An Olympic Bid for Boston

Brittany Cormier, Editor

The Olympics may be coming to Boston in 2024- but at what cost? The price for hosting the Olympics would be exorbitant, but it would also give Boston a chance to revamp the city and rack up potential revenue.

Groups such as “No Boston Olympics” have cropped up, protesting that having the summer games here would not be “in Massachusetts’ best interest”. Other groups say it would be better to host the winter Olympics in 2026 when the weather is cooler.

Hosting the Olympics would come with many pros and cons; the train system would get a much-needed makeover, but the time spent working on them would slow down the morning and afternoon commute. The tourism business would be booming, but the traffic would become completely and utterly unmanageable. The cost of the Olympics would be about equal to another Big Dig, and the city of Boston is well aware of how that turned out. Not only would the construction take years, but it could potentially be paid for exclusively from taxpayer’s pockets.

At the same time, Boston is a sports-crazed city at heart. Hosting the Olympics could give Bostonians a new source of pride and accomplishment, as the games are the biggest celebration of athleticism on the planet.  Just the honor of being a host to such an event should override any costs or inconveniences caused.