One Thousandth Point Hero


Hannah Feakes, Editor

Senior Captain, Erin Cressman, scored her record breaking 1,000th point at Tuesday’s Girls Basketball “Senior Night” Game. The bleachers were packed with fans who came out and supported her along with the other seniors with posters, confetti and chants.

Seniors on the team include captains Kelly Poole, number 24, Nicole Boucher, number 22, Nikkiah Snoddy, number 21 and the now famous Erin Cressman, number 25. Other seniors include Brianne Morrisseau, number 3 and ELizabeth Shepple, number 13.

The night was certainly one to remember and the girls ended the game with a continued undefeated record of 18-0-0. All eyes were on Cressman, anticipating the basket that would change the history of Nashoba. Cressman is the second girl in Nashoba history to score over 1,000 points in her career.

The score was close, Poole passed the ball to Cressman who took it down the court, shot, missed, got the rebound and sank the ball into the net to bring the Chieftains in the lead and for her 1000th point . The crowd went wild. The team went into a brief time out to take photos, hug and congratulate their teammate.

Although the game was exciting, it was sentimental for the senior players. After the final buzzer sounded, there were tears from players, family, coaches and fans. The Seniors played this game for fun on the court and to play well with each other and reminisce about their last three years on NGB.

Manyak says, “The seniors have a tradition of ‘believing in the weave’ before every game and we think it makes us lucky for playoffs.” She chuckles, “My best memory on this team was sitting on the bench each season and cheering my best friends on! Oh, and watching Erin score her 1000th point!”

Fans and players alike agree that the seniors are a huge aspect of NGB and pull their weight when it comes to leadership and strategy. This season has a strong group of senior players who have all had consistent training from the varsity coach, referred to as, Coach Mac.

Junior Emma Picarro says, “I am going to miss being able to laugh and play with the seniors because its been three years as well as their leadership on and off the court as well as them pushing me to be the best I can be.”

NGB plays Holy Name Central Catholic, Thursday February 12 at Nashoba. Come cheer the girls on and help them realize their dreams and goals of going to playoffs.