American Hostage, Kayla Mueller, killed by ISIS

American Hostage, Kayla Mueller, killed by ISIS

Clare McNamara, Contributor

American, Kayla Mueller was killed in Syria on February 10th  by the Islamic State. Mueller was in the Middle East for the volunteer work when she was held hostage for two years by Isis. Four days before the confirmed death, an announcement from Islamic State militants  stated that Mueller was killed from airstrikes by Syria.

Mueller, 26,  was an American peace activist  who went with her unnamed boyfriend to the Middle East in 2013. She was in Syria volunteering to support people who were assaulted and threatened by the Israeli military.

Both Mueller and her boyfriend were taken by Isis troops and held hostage. Due to his Syrian background, the boyfriend was released, but Mueller, with her American heritage, was kept for much longer. There were many attempts to save Mueller by the United States, but unfortunately all fell short. Despite Mueller’s death, President Obama still stands by his ransom policy of not negotiating with terrorist groups.

In a recent letter home, Mueller shares, “I have come to see that there is good in every situation, sometimes we just have to look for it”. Kayla Mueller is a symbol to all of America for the losses of lives due to ISIS.