Riley Davis; At the Top of her Class

Riley Davis; At the Top of her Class

Kelly Ryan, Editor

After a long four years of countless homework assignments and long exams, the results are in. The most successful scholar of the Class of 2015; Valedictorian this year is Riley Davis.

Hailing from Lancaster, Riley has been at the top of her class throughout all twelve years of school. She always wondered if Valedictorian would be in the cards for her one day.

“I came into high school with the secret wish, I guess you could say, that I might end up valedictorian, but I told myself I would just continue to work as hard as I could and do my absolute best,” Davis said.

Talking to Riley, hard work has been a reoccurring theme for as long as she can remember. “I always made sure I planned out my assignments, and I made sure to go above and beyond what I was asked to do,” she says.

Davis spends the majority of her time on school work because of her immense love for learning. She has close relationships with her teachers, which she says, gave her the opportunity to learn more about the planning and teaching curriculums.

Riley has taken seven AP classes at Nashoba. She was also awarded the Harvard Book Award as a Junior and was selected as a Worcester County Superintendents’ Scholar earlier in 2015. Davis is Captain of the Robotics Team and led her team to Worlds this season.

Along with focusing on her own academics, Riley has contributed to the success of others by tutoring in the ASC.

With graduation only weeks away, Riley has begun preparing her valedictorian speech to be delivered in front of her classmates, their families and friends.

“I have only just started writing my speech, but my goal is to be entertaining, but serious,” Davis says. She claims writing a graduation speech has proved to be more difficult than she originally thought.

“I plan to highlight some of the lessons I have learned during my time at Nashoba and to remind the class (in hopefully not too cliché a fashion) that we’ve made it this far and the future is full of new opportunities,” she says.

We congratulate Riley on all of her hard work and success here at Nashoba and wish her the best of luck at MIT in the fall.