Good Luck Seniors! Molly and Caroline Edition


Madison Richard, Jacqueline Souza, and Clare McNamara

Molly and Caroline are not just those two blond seniors sitting in the corner of the fishbowl; they have bright futures!

Mrs. Carter’s Journalism 1 class this year had two exceptional procrastinators, Molly Riseman and Caroline Coppes. Both were seniors with lively personalities and dry senses of humor. These two gals made journalism a hit for everyone.

Without the seniors, the class would not be nearly as lively. Caroline explained her journey from elementary school to graduating high school as going from “an awkward caterpillar to a somewhat more awkward daffodil.” Molly described her transformation as going from being “annoying and loud to just being loud.” Though neither of their explanations make much sense, that is just a representation of their funny personalities. They were so awkward, yet hilarious at the same time throughout the whole semester in journalism.

As seniors, these two gals have to focus on their futures rather than the present; they left school on Friday, May 22 for good. Now that they’re gone, the journalism class lacks the humor from those teens who socialize and look at their houses on Google Maps. Even though it hit them that they’re leaving high school, the girls are not quite yet in the mindset of college. When asked about what she has been doing to ready herself for freshman year, Molly explained, “I don’t know yet, haven’t gotten that far.”

It’s true. The girls said it hadn’t really hit them that they were leaving this school until one class, when a teacher made a scene. One teacher made a PowerPoint presentation and got very emotional in the class.

However, the girls have their plans laid out for the far future. Molly said that she is “deferring a year to College of Charleston,” and Caroline plans to go to Wentworth in Boston.

“I am doing elementary education, so I hope to become a teacher,” Riseman reveals. Caroline, on the other hand, wants to go into interior design and hopes to “design stuff.” Both of the girls are pretty smart, as displayed through their college acceptances. Having well thought-out plans for their futures, as most students here at Nashoba do, is pretty promising of a successful time in college and career ahead of them.

These girls seem pretty bright, in terms of their witty and well-written articles. Molly wrote a range of stories, from “Bruce Jenner; When he Knew” to “How to Prepare for College…” Coppes, on the other hand, liked to write some advice articles such as “How To (and How Not To) Procrastinate,” and “Senior’s Declassified School Survival Guide,” which she collaborated on with Molly. Both appeared to be intellectual and funny within their articles: two traits that will get them far in life.

They have bright futures ahead of them and Nashoba was proud to have them at this school. We wish Caroline and Molly the best of luck in college and beyond. We are sure they will be very successful!