New Classes for a New Year


Mrs. Martell-Bengston and one of her many theater classes

Jackie Cannon, Contributor

Nashoba’s population is continuously expanding, and the number and assortment of classes are growing right alongside it. A wide variety of new classes is being offered this year that allow students to pursue new interests and talents.


One of the strongest new programs is the drama department. With the addition of a theatre-specific teacher last year, Nashoba has been able to cater to the wants and needs of students with theatrical interests. Along with the Acting 1 and 2 classes previously taught by the English department, students can now take Technical Theatre or Musical Theatre. Both of these classes are running for the second year. Theatre Arts, Dance and Movement, and Acting 3 are all new this school year. All of the theatre classes are taught by Mrs. Martell-Bengston, who will also be directing the fall play.


There are also many additional classes being offered within the computer and technology department. One new class will be Introduction to Game Design, taught by Mr. Austin, where students can learn what goes into the process of making video games. Mrs. Offt has also begun teaching the new Introduction to Digital Creativity with Adobe Class.


Many new classes geared toward seniors have also popped up in the Social Studies Department. Mr. Poirier has taken on teaching AP European History for the first time. Although his class, studying European history from 1450 to the present, is small, Mr. Poirier remarks that they are a dedicated group of students. Another new senior class is the semester long elective, Exploring the Origins of Everything: A Study of Social Anthropology, taught by second-year Nashoba teacher, Mr. Ellis. This class will be taking a look atwhere many aspects of modern day culture originated from.


If you are interested in any of these new classes, head down to guidance and sign up today!