Nashoba Girls’ Volleyball: A Promising Start


Besides acting as a time of sweaters and football games, autumn marks the beginning of volleyball. Nashoba Girls’ Volleyball (NGV)  is an inclusive group of young women: this year’s freshman were welcomed with open arms. In the eyes of an incoming high school student, the sudden merging of three towns is a anxiety-provoking experience. NGV makes this process much easier: upperclassmen players are very nice to their younger counterparts.

Furthermore, Nashoba Girls’ Volleyball is known for it’s spirit days. Members of the team wholeheartedly embrace the theme of a particular day no matter how crazy it may be. Examples of the NGV spirit days include onesie , blackout, beach, and one-color day.  

One of the fundraisers this vibrant team participates in is the “Making Strides for Breast Cancer” walk. During the month of October, Nashoba Girls’ Volleyball has a “pink game” in honor of breast cancer awareness month. All proceeds earned from the event are donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness Fund. This year, the NGV “pink game” is on October 9th. You will not regret attending!

Nashoba Girls’  Volleyball played wonderfully this past year: the varsity team qualified for the playoffs. Fans are filled with excitement in anticipation for the success that this year’s season will bring. As of the moment NGV has dominated all of their league games but one. They have defeated Leominster, Marlborough, Ayer/Shirley, Fitchburg, and Groton-Dunstable.

This sports team lost some very talented graduating seniors last year.  Despite such, the team has rallied. Athletic sophomores, such as Meghan McCarthy, Madeleine Susi, and Haley Neff, have helped to boost the team to success. These players had big shoes to fill; so far, they have risen to the challenge. Sophomore Haley Neff speaks on behalf of Nashoba Girls’ Volleyball.

“NGV is looking like a great team. Varsity is already working on some technical things like setting ones and slides, which will make us even more competitive. This is the first year our record has ever been 3-0 the first couple of games.”

Haley appeared excited about the JV teams as well.

” JV1 and JV2 have a lot of skill in them.With all the talent we have coming up from JV we have a bright future!”

It appears as though NGV will be having more great seasons to come. Coach Doyle is patiently awaiting a league championship banner in the gym, which as of the moment seems to be quite possible. Watch for NGV’s rise to fame!