4 Waze 2 Follow the Chieftain Press on Social Media


Olivia Magliozzi, Editor

Ways to follow the Chieftain Press on Social Media…

  1. Instagram: The Chieftain Press has recently created an Instagram account with pictures providing information about events. Fun graphics have been created and posted by the journalists to help YOU stay on top of your school pride. Information on how to earn Nashoba cup points, times and dates for the Spring Musical, and details on sporting events can all be found on our instagram, @chieftainpress, with a cute picture to catch your attention!
  2. Twitter: Our Twitter account is spewing AWESOME articles, so click the links to be transported to the world of fun reading. You may be tempted to scroll past our goofy tag lines and long links, but trust me, that’s the WRONG decision! Twitter is the rainbow road to the colorful articles posted on the Chieftain Press. Be sure to follow us @Chieftain_Chat ASAP.
  3. Facebook: The Chieftain Press Facebook page posts the links to all of our articles as well. You can find any article you want and then share it for the world to see. Facebook is a great way to read news about Nashoba and share it with your 6,574 social media friends! Search “Chieftain Press” in the search bar to like the page!
  4. Chieftain Press Website: This website can be found with a quick chieftainpress.net search on Google. The home base of all the new and exciting articles is here on this online newspaper. Looking for a certain genre or topic? Check out Local, Sports, Opinion, Political, and National articles. Who doesn’t want to read “Water Bottle Filler Upper Thingy” or “King of the Nashoba Nerds”? You can also find past video broadcasts to re-watch. Head to this website and be enticed by spicy articles written by your devoted Chieftain journalists.