Grand Prix Coming to Boston!


Trevor Sicard, Sports Management

It is the newest race, in America’s oldest city. Set in the beautiful South Boston area, a set of race cars will cruise through  blocked off city streets at mind blowing speeds topping out at around 180 mph. Why Boston though? Boston is the ultimate backdrop for an epic weekend of family-friendly, community-oriented attractions.

The city is the perfect spot for a full weekend of activities, from the Freedom Trail to the Finish Line. The cars that will be driven are, Single-seat, open-cockpit cars, featuring a 2.2-liter, twin turbocharged, direct-injected V-6 engine, optimized to run at 12,000 RPM with up to 700 horsepower. In other words, it’s pretty far from your everyday Honda Civic.

The Grand Prix of Boston was launched in May 2015 and marked the first step in something that would become an annual event for the city. If you’re looking for a fun event to attend with your friends and family this upcoming labor day weekend, head into Boston!