Election Poll Update: The Emails

Eva Ricci, Contributing Editor

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– [Week of September 8th] – As election day draws closer and closer, American media has been in a state of fascination producing and watching election poll numbers rise and fall, and comparing the Presidential candidates against each other. From poll to poll, the competition between Republican candidate, Donald Trump and Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton have become tighter than ever. Although many of the poll numbers vary from different sources, one thing is for sure: both candidates are almost tied.

Shown in the CNN/ORC poll (right), Trump is leading Clinton by a fairly small amount. But this could be subject to change at any time, as his recent lead stems from Clinton’s email controversy, causing her numbers to slip.

As her email scandal continued to unfold this past week, watching Clinton’s numbers rise and/or fall is a topic of debate for politicians, citizens, and American media.

Many of Clinton’s supporters do not believe that her email scandal is a monumental factor toward her eligibility for President, but there are some of her supporters that do believe that it is. For her supporters that are worried about her emails, many have shifted their focus onto Trump or onto one of the independent candidates such as Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, causing their numbers in the polls to either rise or remain the same.

Shown on the left in the pabcpolloll conducted by ABC News/Washington Post, 58% of the people polled claim that the outcome of the Clinton email controversy would make no difference in their likelihood of supporting Clinton. But with that being said, 57% of the people polled claim that they would be worried about what Clinton would do if she were to be elected president. 

However, Clinton is not the only candidate with a high disapproval rating, as Trump’s favorability amongst some of the American public has been rocky from the start.

But as the first week of September draws to a close, Trump is leading the majority of political polls. Vital to the success of each candidate, garnering the vote from swing states including Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are necessary.

Displayed by a poll produced by Quinnipiac University, Clinton and Trump are exactly tied, both at 47%. In North Carolina, Clinton has a slight lead over Trump at 47%, while Trump trails at 43%. In Ohio, Trump leads at 46%, and Clinton at 45%. In Pennsylvania, Clinton is leading at 48%, Trump at 43%. These tight numbers make projecting the outcome of who will win each state, unpredictable.

As the weeks continue toward Election day, the poll numbers for each candidate will surely rise and fall and the American media (including the Chieftain Press), will be watching closely to see what exactly happens.


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