Margaret O’Keefe’s Girl Scout Journey

Julia Wachtel, Editor

maggieThis past summer, junior at Nashoba, Margaret O’Keefe, went on a fantastic, outbound experience to Costa Rica with her Girl Scout troop. O’Keefe experienced a 15 day hike through the rain forests and cultural homes of the country. The trip was no small feat, as participants endured 2-10 hour hikes with cargo of over 35 pounds. She completed physically exhausting hikes, participated in rewarding community service, and was immersed in Costa Rican culture, language and traditions.

It is especially refreshing to see a Girl Scout expedition designed specifically for young women to participate in enriching adventures. There tends to be a trend where Girl Scouts are expected to sell cookies to fund-raise, while the Boy Scouts participate in more rugged ventures, such as cleaning up trash in public areas. It is a welcome surprise to see a destination geared specifically for Girl Scouts to partake in. The Boy Scouts this year went backpacking through Montana, definitively showing that both boys and girls can brave the great outdoors.

Beginning in 2006, the Outward Bound program has been affiliated with the Girl Scouts to provide destination trips in Costa Rica and Panama. Young girls get to meet other Girl Scout troops across the country, participate in new experiences, and help a community in need. For more information on the program, visit