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Election Poll Update: Post-Debate

Eva Ricci, Editor

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– [Week of October 4th] – With the first Presidential debate behind them, the polls between Presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are scattered across the country. With a little more than a month to go before the election, this time of the year is vital for the candidates to attempt to garner as many votes as possible.

Leading in the majority of the polls, Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton has managed to pull ahead of Republican nominee, Donald Trump following her debate performance last week. Shown in a poll conducted by CNN/ORC, Hillary Clinton now has a 5 point lead over Trump among likely voters. Read more from the CNN/ORC poll here.


Courtesy of CNN/ORC

These new poll numbers come as a direct result of the debate that occurred last week, as previously undecided or uncertain voters are finally forming solid opinions and choosing the candidate they will likely support.

Along with the CNN/ORC poll, other new polls are showing the Democratic candidate having a much wider lead over Donald Trump. According to FiveThirtyEight’s model, Hillary Clinton’s chance of winning the presidency has increased dramatically since the debate. 

Compared to the previous weeks, in which Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were almost in a dead tie, this sudden shift in poll numbers is monumental for the Clinton campaign.


Picture courtesy of FiveThirtyEight

Although Clinton does have a lead over Trump at the moment, according to “the latest Rasmussen Reports White House Watch[,] survey shows Trump with 42% support among Likely U.S. Voters to Hillary Clinton’s 41%” (Rasmussen Reports White House Watch).

Polls all over the country vary in results as to who is currently leading in the Presidential election. As the weeks to the election dwindle down, no one truly knows how this wild election will play out.






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Election Poll Update: Post-Debate