Where Art Thou, Young Gentlemen?


Sammie Catalano, Contributor

What ever happened to Gentlemen? Where have the days gone where men went above and beyond to be polite?

My grandfather, born in 1937, is the picture of a gentleman. He opens and holds the door for any lady, calls to check in with my grandmother every few hours when he is gone, and insists in paying for her when they are out at dinner. Better yet, when he had his hip replaced, he still went around to the other side of his car, in the rain, to open the door and shut it behind my grandmother. This, very tragically, has been lost. To the point where boys in this generation cannot even define the term.

If you’re in question of whether or not you think Nashoba is said to be swimming with gentlemen, or the exact opposite, your favorite regional school has been surveyed! Here are the results!








While looking at the data, it is clear to see that while the boys see themselves as gentlemen, the girls see them as the quite opposite. As a girl myself, I think this makes complete sense. While girls see the title of a “Gentleman” as an honor only for a courteous man, boys believe a gentleman as a guy who is not directly rude. It is because of this gender dependent definition that we find our data so polar opposite from one another.

The chances of coming across a gentleman these days are few and far between. Girls are lowering their expectations left and right as the years go by, and it is a shame. Ladies at Nashoba, keep your expectations high and don’t settle for less.