Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort


Izzy McKinney, Editor

The world watched in horror as Hurricane Harvey, a category 3 hurricane, hit Texas. This was the first major hurricane to hit the continuous United States since Wilma in 2005. The death toll has mounted to at least 74, with more than 150,000 properties destroyed in the storm. But despite the loss and challenges Southeastern Texas now faces, they remain strong, and the rest of America is rushing to their aid.

People all over the United States have come together to help those left devastated from the Hurricane. Boston’s response to the hurricane involves Mayor Walsh asking for donations of diapers, toiletries, non-perishable foods, and clothing. All donations will be brought to the affected areas in Texas. NFL star J.J. Watt started a relief fund for the victims of the hurricane in Houston. The fund has reached $30 million, which is more than 100 times more than his original goal of raising $200,000. The President himself vowed to donate $1 million to 12 organizations, among which are the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity, according to Business Insider.

American Airlines gave a free flight to 135 volunteers from Team Rubicon- a group consisting of military veterans, first responders, and other volunteers- to assist with the clean up efforts. The airline company plans to conduct 11 more flights from cities across the United States to transport up to 2,000 members of Team Rubicon to Texas. More than 100 volunteers from LA have flown out to help provide relief.

Congress approved $7.9 billion for aid, most of which will go to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This money is expected to cover only a fraction of what Texas needs to recover, an estimated $150 billion.

Others ways to help out with the Hurricane Harvey relief effort, in ways other than monetary donations, the Red Cross is asking people to donate blood, as the storm left them with a depleted supply.