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Chieftain Press

2017-2018 Staff

Elena Naze

Chief Editor

Elena Naze is a senior at Nashoba and is excited to be taking on the role of Chief Editor alongside Finn Hogan. When she's not writing articles, she enjoys participating in theatre, a Capella, jazz band, and chorus. She is also...

Finn Hogan

Chief Editor

Finn Hogan is a senior at Nashoba and current Chief Editor for the Chieftain Press alongside Elena Naze. He enjoys theater, and is an active member in Nashoba's theater and choir programs. He is hoping to major in psychology,...

Eva Ricci

Chief Editor

Eva Ricci is a Senior at Nashoba and is the Chief Editor of the Chieftain Press. Eva has a passion for writing and plans to pursue Political Science in college. In her free time, she is an active songwriter, traveling around the...

Katie Coen

Senior Contributing Editor

Katie Coen is a senior contributing editor to the Chieftain Press. She has had a passion for writing since a young age, and enjoys sharing her opinions on topics she writes about. Katie also enjoys covering hard news and is committed...

Alyssa Curran


Alyssa Curran is a senior at Nashoba Regional this year. Most people know her as “Aly”. She participates in Interact Club, Best Buddies, and also plays on the Varsity Lacrosse team at Nashoba.   Aly is also already committe...

Clare McNamara


Clare McNamara is a senior at Nashoba Regional High School. Clare enjoys writing op-ed pieces as well as current world affairs. She did her first year of journalism in freshman year, and is now returning as a senior for another...

Alexandra Bettez


Alexandra Bettez is a junior in the Class of 2019 at Nashoba. She runs cross country and track year-round and is a member of the EMT program. She enjoys starting her day reading the news and is excited to be a member of the Chieftain Press...

Grace Keith


Grace Keith is a senior at Nashoba Regional High School. She is captain of the Nashoba Girls Varsity soccer team, and is going on to play division one soccer at The College of the Holy Cross. She also plays year round for her...

Emma Olsen


Emma Olsen is a junior at Nashoba who is a new contributor to the Chieftain Press. She writes about politics and things going on in the Nashoba community. Her favorite subjects are History and English, and she is passionate...

Sarah Newton


She is a Nashoba senior, in the class of 2018 and an editor for the Chieftain Press. She has been a part f the Chieftain Press for the past two years. She writes all kinda of different kinds of stories including sports articles,...

Izzy McKinney


This is Izzy's second year writing for the Chieftain press. She is a senior at Nashoba, and particularly enjoys writing political and national pieces for the paper.

Paul Theriault


Paul Theriault is a Senior in the Nashoba Class of 2018 and the Producer of Nashoba News. Paul has been a member of the Chieftain Press for three years, and enjoys all things news. During his time working with the Chieftain Press,...

Grace Fiori

Senior Editor

Grace is a junior at Nashoba and an editor for the Chieftain Press. She likes writing opinion pieces and articles that deal with social justice and politics. Grace is also interested in travel, graphic design, and photography...

Victoria Tuttle

Sports Editor

I am a senior here at Nashoba; I have been a part of the Chieftain Press all four years. I have written a different variety of articles and sports stories. I also have been featured on live broadcasts many of times. I play two...

Katie Soto


Katie Soto is a senior at Nashoba Regional High School and will be graduating in 2018. A mediocre writer who is open to expand her skills into the world of journalism. She  may have little to no idea now but in the end, she will...

Rachel Crane


Rachel Crane is in her senior year at Nashoba and is part of  the class of 2018. She loves to write and is excited to start expanding her knowledge of writing in Journalism.  Apart from writing she spends her free time reading,...

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